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Naming Days

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant I conduct Naming days or Namegiving Ceremonies. This is not a legal ceremony like a marriage ceremony, but a social ceremony.

Like any other ceremony, it is important that this ceremony is tailored to you and your family. Therefore it is important you include the thoughts and words that are appropriate to your beliefs and expectations. It is my job to work with you, to perform a ceremony that suits your needs.

Naming Day Ceremonies are precisely that. It is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the birth and naming of a child, in the company of those whose support you value most highly. There is nothing legal or religious about a Namegiving Ceremony. You may choose to have god parents or you may not. This ceremony is completely up to you and I can help you tailor a day that you and your family and friends will remember for a long time to come. It can happen almost anywhere, at almost any time. Adults like to be involved, and other children love to be there to participate in one of the rituals or 'rites of passage' that will form their lives.

You will also be presented with a beautiful certificate that can be framed or placed in a book to mark the special occassion.

Fee for Naming Day Ceremony is $280.

Additional services will incur additional fees:               As negotiated

Travel is customarily charged at $1.00 per km where more than 50km from celebrant home.

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